The esgpidcitepub command connects to a PID server using credentials defined in the config file. It then assigns a PID to the dataset. This step is necessary for all CMIP6 data records. The output of this command is the input to both the esgupdate command as well as the esgindexpub command.


esgpidcitepub is used with the following syntax:

esgpidcitepub --pub-rec <JSON file>

where <JSON file> is the output of the esgmkpubrec command. The output of this command is by default printed to stdout, but can easily be redirected using the --out-file option.

The other command line options are as follows:

usage: esgpidcitepub [-h] [--data-node DATA_NODE] --pub-rec JSON_DATA [--ini CFG] [--out-file OUT_FILE]

Publish data sets to ESGF databases.

optional arguments:
    -h, --help            show this help message and exit
    --data-node DATA_NODE
                          Specify data node.
    --pub-rec JSON_DATA   Dataset and file json data; output from esgmkpubrec.
    --ini CFG, -i CFG     Path to config file.
    --out-file OUT_FILE   Optional output file destination. Default is stdout.

You can also define the above options (aside from --pub-rec) in the config file if you choose.