The esgindexpub command publishes the data record using the metadata produced by the other commands to the index_node defined in the config file. The output of this command will display published data along with a success message upon success.


esgindexpub is used with the following syntax:

esgindexpub --pub-rec <JSON file>

where <JSON file> is the output of the esgpidcitepub command.

You can also use the other command line options to configure some variables outside of the config file (or to define where to find the config file):

usage: esgindexpub [-h] [--index-node INDEX_NODE] [--certificate CERT] --pub-rec JSON_DATA [--ini CFG]

Publish data sets to ESGF databases.

optional arguments:
    -h, --help            show this help message and exit
    --index-node INDEX_NODE
                          Specify index node.
    --certificate CERT, -c CERT
                          Use the following certificate file in .pem form for publishing (use a myproxy login to generate).
    --pub-rec JSON_DATA   JSON file output from esgpidcitepub or esgmkpubrec.
    --ini CFG, -i CFG     Path to config file.

Use the command line option -h to see the message above.