The esgmapconv command executes the first step of the publishing protocol by converting metadata from a mapfile into json data. That data is the input to the esgmkpubrec command.


esgmapconv is used with the following syntax:

esgmapconv --map <mapfile>

where <mapfile> is the absolute path to a single mapfile. The output will be printed to stdout, but can be easily redirected to a chosen file using the --out-file option.

You can also use the other command line options for additional configuration:

usage: esgmapconv [-h] [--project PROJ] --map MAP [--out-file OUT_FILE]

Publish data sets to ESGF databases.

optional arguments:
    -h, --help           show this help message and exit
    --project PROJ       Set/overide the project for the given mapfile, for use with selecting the DRS or specific features, e.g. PrePARE, PID.
    --map MAP            Mapfile ending in .map extension, contains metadata about the record.
    --out-file OUT_FILE  Output file for map data in JSON format. Default is printed to standard out.

Using the command line option -h will display the above message. The above options (excluding --map) can be defined in the config file instead of the command line if you choose.