The esgmkpubrec command uses the output data from esgmapconv to populate metadata for the dataset and file records. This command also requires the output of the autocurator command, which populates additional metadata using the mapfile and puts it into a separate json file. This output is the input to the esgpidcitepub command.


esgmkpubrec is used with the following syntax:

esgmkpubrec --scan-file <scan file> --map-data <JSON file>

where <JSON file> is the aforementioned output from esgmapconv and <scan file> is the output of autocurator<>`_. The output is again defaulted to stdout, but can easily be redirected using the ``--out-file option.

The other command line options are as follows:

usage: esgmkpubrec [-h] [--set-replica] [--no-replica] --scan-file SCAN_FILE [--json JSON] [--data-node DATA_NODE] [--index-node INDEX_NODE] --map-data MAP_DATA [--ini CFG]
               [--out-file OUT_FILE]

Publish data sets to ESGF databases.

optional arguments:
    -h, --help            show this help message and exit
    --set-replica         Enable replica publication.
    --no-replica          Disable replica publication.
    --scan-file SCAN_FILE
                          JSON output file from autocurator.
    --json JSON           Load attributes from a JSON file in .json form. The attributes will override any found in the DRS structure or global attributes.
    --data-node DATA_NODE
                          Specify data node.
    --index-node INDEX_NODE
                          Specify index node.
    --map-data MAP_DATA   Mapfile json data converted using esgmapconv.
    --ini CFG, -i CFG     Path to config file.
    --out-file OUT_FILE   Optional output file destination. Default is stdout.